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Microsoft to update Windows Phone with 500 new features

Microsoft announced an update to their Windows Phone operating system which adds 500 new features. They also have highlighted new partnerships with Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE. They have also been keen to announce new language availability for the software.

Microsoft are aiming to get their Windows Phone into new markets that are currently dominated by the Apple iOS and Google Android phones. Windows Phone is going to offer many new features including integrated display of text messages and those on Facebook, enhanced web browsing and more thorough integration of social networking data with contact information.

Mass messaging options will be added and local search will let the user base access relevant information easier, such as bookings for the local cinema or restaurant. Integration with social networking and cloud services are two of the key additions, with much focus placed on SkyDrive to let customers synchronise documents if they edit them on a PC or phone.

The codename for the new update will be tagged ‘Mango'.

Microsoft say they have 18,000 applications now available however analysts haven't immediately warmed to the information. Ovum principal analyst Tony Cripps has said that “Mango will provide a worthwhile upgrade for both existing and new users of Windows Phone devices once it arrives in the autumn. However, Microsoft needs to do better if it is to persuade the market that it has the most user friendly – and desirable – mobile platform in the market today. ZTE in particular can be expected to take advantage of the more achievable hardware specs now being touted by Microsoft – plus carriers' desire for low cost alternatives to Android smartphones. That said, Mango still lacks the potential for customisation and brand differentiation that some manufacturers are looking for.”

KitGuru says: Mango a big deal for you or are you still not interested in the Microsoft platform?

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