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Chrome OS notebooks to hit retail in November

A Google branded notebook is due for launch in November by Inventec, followed shortly after by Acer and Hewlett Packard in December. Dell were rumoured to be on this list, but info has not yet been detailed on their release date.

Google’s Chrome OS is supposedly a client which resides on top of the Chrome Browser with the concept that many tasks will take place on the internet or within the cloud. Digitimes has classed these products as ‘smartbooks’ – another buzzword to add to the confusing list already available. These products are due to tackle netbooks from Acer and Asus and even the new Macbook Air which is selling very well since it was released.

Many analysts suggest that Chrome OS may be buggy when first released with stability issues and potential problems, but we would assume that Google will have most of the major ones ironed out for launch with bug fixes regularly available in the run up to the holidays at the end of the year.

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