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Microsoft delay March Windows Phone 7 update

Microsoft confirmed that the March ‘NoDo’ update for Windows Phone 7 will be postponed for several more weeks to ensure that a repeat of the February ‘brick’ update doesn’t happen.

CEO Steve Ballmer had said initially that the update would reach their smartphones in the first week of March. Eric Hautala, the leader of the team behind the updates said that the update would be released nearer the end of March, but possibly even later.

In February, the Microsoft software update caused massive problems for their user base, bricking 10 percent of the smartphones in the process, mainly Samsung devices.

Microsoft have said that they will @take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners.”

KitGuru says: The latest update will add copy and paste, CDMA support and Marketplace search options.

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