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Windows Phone 7 first update bricking phones?

Microsoft released a patch yesterday that updated their mobile operating system to improve the process of installing a new upcoming OS update. Unfortunately some users are complaining that their phones have been bricked after applying the patch. Most people who are complaining have said it is happening with the Samsung Omnia 7.

According to sites such as CNET it hasn’t been confirmed if its happening with other Windows 7 phones, but there are other reports on Twitter and WinRumours that users are saying this patch is rendering their phones useless. Microsoft haver said via their Windows Phone support Twitter feed that affected users can return the phone to the store they bought it from for a brand new replacement.

CNET contacted Microsoft who said that it is reviewing the bricking reports. “We are investigating reports related to the Windows Phone update process and will provide additional information and guidance as it becomes available.” they said.

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