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Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 09:06 am

Every enthusiast's requirements are different. Some might be space limited, others will want as much air-flow as possible and some of you love the sound of silence. Here is a shortlist of the best chassis in the market right now – as determined by KitGuru Labs' testing. Our current choice for ‘BEST OF…' is at the top, but all 5 should be considered.

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Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P Max

It really is a breeze installing a system in the NR200P Max, this build was by far the quickest small form factor build I have ever done and it was an enjoyable experience too. Usually, there are parts of a small form factor build that can be annoying like routing and managing cables, installing graphics cards and CPU coolers in the tight spaces etc, not with the NR200P Max. It is uncanny how there seems to be so much space inside such a small chassis.

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Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO

The EVO part of the equation kicks in when you move the hardware around internally or add one of the accessories we show in the video. At this point the EVO takes off and becomes something extraordinary. It is familiar and yet simultaneously different and while we doubt you could build a bad PC in this case, Lian Li makes it very easy to build a really good Grade A system.

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Lian Li Lancool III

We took a look at the Lian Li Lancool II when we reviewed the Cyberpower Ultra 7 RTX Gaming PC back in 2020, and that whetted our appetite for a review of the new Lian Li Lancool III which brings a number of significant updates to the party. With four 140mm fans and acres of mesh it may indeed provide enough cooling for the imminent RTX 4090.

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Phanteks Evolv Shift XT

The styling works well and the inclusion of an ARGB infinity mirror on the front adds a touch of fun that we enjoy, but the most important features of the case lie beneath the surface. Having the option to eXTend the case to three sizes for different types of ITX users with their individual needs is a lovely touch and one we greatly admire. In addition the Evolv Shift XT supports a full length graphics card in a triple slot design which means the customer can build a huge variety of PCs inside this case.

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Montech Air 100 ARGB

Montech Air 100 ARGB is a microATX case that comes with four 120mm ARGB fans, a tempered glass window and the promise of  great cooling to earn that Air name. That sounds like a decent list of features, however the cherry on the cake is that Montech Air 100 ARGB is cheap. Really, REALLY cheap.

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