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Edifier unveils high-end STAX Spirit S5 headphones with planar magnetic drivers

Edifier is back with its latest headphones. The new STAX Spirit S5 are wireless Planar magnetic headphones, enabling superior audio without the need for a cable.

The Stax Spirit S5 maintain the high-fidelity many have come to expect from Stax over the years. Planar magnetic drivers are commonly found in Hi-Fi headphones and other high-end audio equipment. With their unique way of operation, planar magnetic drivers can represent a superior audio experience with rich details and impressive transient response. The STAX SPIRIT S5 packs upgraded planar magnetic drivers and the latest Bluetooth V5.4 technology into a compact and portable form-factor. The 2μm thin film and 2nd gen EqualMass wiring technology generate performance comparable to legendary electrostatic headphones.

To ensure uniformity in the magnetic field, Edifier have developed a proprietary automatic toolset for calibrating and compensating the magnet circuitry during production. This meticulous process guarantees that every set of S5 headphones delivers sound fidelity identical to the original unit crafted by the designer.

In addition to LDAC and LHDC, the S5 supports all audio codecs under the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite, including aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, and aptX Lossless. It achieves a bit rate of up to 1.2 Mbps in Bluetooth mode, delivering high resolution (24-bit/96kHz) and end to end low latency audio. It also supports the AAC codec, enhancing compatibility with a wider range of devices. Better yet, you can connect the headphones to two devices at once, for convenient switching. For customising the headphones, you can use the Edifier ConneX app to adjust EQ settings.

The Edifier STAX Spirit S5 headphones are available starting this month, priced at £499.99.

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KitGuru Says: At this price point and with these specs, these are aimed at the audio enthusiasts out there. Would you consider picking one of these up for high-end audio on the go? 

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