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Razer introduces ‘mecha-membrane’ switches with Ornata

This week, Razer added a new member to its family of keyboards, the ‘Ornata', introducing the brand new ‘mecha-membrane' switches, which have been designed in-house to deliver the tactile click of a mechanical switch, combined with the cushioned touch of a membrane keyboard.

Razer has been designing its own switches for a couple of years now. However, this is the company's first attempt at a hybrid style switch. Aside from the switch, Razer has also implemented mid-height keycaps, which helps reduce the distance the switch has to travel to actuate.


Aside from speed, the Razer Ornata also offers comfort, thanks to its detachable ergonomic wrist rest. You will also have some impressive lighting to stare at, thanks to Razer Chroma, which is implemented on this keyboard, though a basic non-Chroma version will be available as well.

The Razer Ornata costs £79.99 here in the UK, while the Ornata Chroma sits at £99.99.

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KitGuru Says: While I do tend to prefer pure mechanical keyboards, not everyone likes the feel of them, so this could be a good option for gamers who prefer membrane switches but still want speedy actuation. At £80 for the basic model though, it does sit on the high-end side of the peripheral market. 

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