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Sore arms? get the levitating BAT wireless mouse

Well it isn’t often we can show pictures of a mouse that is floating without attachments above the desk, but Kitguru reader Anshul Sood alerted us to a Levitating computer mouse which seems to have been designed at the close of 2012.

The mouse is made from ABS plastic and can levitate above the surface of a table between 10mm and 40mm. The company have them in black or white options.

KIBARDINDESIGN have designed the BAT wireless mouse in two parts. The base also works as a mouse pad forcing the mouse to float above it with a magnet ring.

The whole purpose of the product was to help prevent and treat the contemporary disease Carpal tunnel syndrome (Median nerve dysfunction / entrapment). This is a growing problem with a wide audience, especially office works who are often working 10 hour days.

The device reduces pressure on the median nerve, in the wrist which supplies the feeling and movement to the hand. This can lead to numbness, weakness or muscle damage in the hand and fingers.

If you are interested in this, then head over to their home page for more information.

Kitguru says: A cure for RSI? We haven’t tried it, but it certainly looks interesting!

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