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GIGABYTE Unveils First-Ever Touchpad Mouse, Aivia Xenon

GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD are due to release their Aivia Xenon Dual Mode Touchpad Mouse, the world’s first-ever dual mode touchpad mouse. The Aivia Xenon can serve as a practical mouse with multi-touch gestures, and a portable touchpad. This innovative touchpad mouse makes you free from space boundary, and now all the operations are just one touch away.

Switching between mouse and touchpad mode with the button on the side of Aivia Xenon is only a simple click. When using it as a normal mouse, you can enjoy the precise tracking of GIGABYTE laser engine and superior webpage surfing experience with intuitional multi-touch gestures.

Feel free to personalize the gestures anytime with software, so that you may optimize the functions that suit you the most. Moreover, Aivia Xenon is equipped with GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling Technology, which allows you to effortlessly browse the files. When activating touchpad mode, it is just like using the touchpad on your laptop, but only better, because the touchpad is now portable, and the smooth control is beyond imagination.

Paint on any surface on your screen whenever you want to with the exclusive Aivia Painter software, and this will help you to bring your presentation to the next level. Experience the magic brought by Aivia Xenon when you are at work as well as lying on your own couch. Aivia Xenon is no doubt your best choice when it comes to touchpad mouse!

Product Features

  • The world’s first-ever dual mode touchpad mouse
  • GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling Technology
  • Intuitional multi-touch gestures
  • 10-meter working distance sets you free from space boundary
  • Exclusive Aivia Painter software

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