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AData gets flash with its USB 3 drives

Old and grey, KitGuru can remember when the capacity of USB pen drives were measured in mega bytes and cost a fortune. The world turns and each revolution brings with it, well, a revolution. Today sees the UK launch of some new USB pen drives that are a little bigger, a little quicker and a little cheaper. KitGuru asks, “What’s not to like?”

All of the mainboards that get sent into the KitGuru labs normally have the tell-tale blue USB connectors somewhere about their person. Whether you want lightning fast data transfer, or simply the ability to recharge your iPad, iPhone or other device in a record times – then USB 3.0 is the way to go.

It’s such a useful technology, that you’re left a little bemused when you pick up a memory card reader etc that hasn’t been branded with the USB 3.0 logo. Sure, it might make little difference in some cases – but punters love the idea that ‘3’ is bigger (and, therefore, better) than ‘2’.

So what has AData got up its corporate sleeves?

It’s launching a series of new USB 3.0 drives with astonishingly good specs – combined with astonishingly confusing product names. What do we mean?  Well, check out these monikers: N005, S102 Pro and C103. Any idea which is fastest ?  Nope, neither had we until we read the small print:-

  • N005
    Professional users with capacities up to 64GB, sequential read speeds up to 180MB/sec and sequential write up to 90MB/sec
  • S102 Pro
    Performance option for regular folk. Up to 32GB capacity with 100/50 throughput
  • C103
    USB for everyone @ entry level prices. With capacities up to 16GB and 90/10 data rates

At the time of going to press, pricing for Scan, eBuyer, Amazon etc was not available.

So what do these new drives look like?  Well, here’s a shot of the packaging you can expect.

AData has a USB3 pen drive for everyone. Apparently. And a bird that hums. It seems.


In case you were not certain what a USB 3 pen drive sticking in the slot experience might be like, here’s a helpful picture from AData.

Trouble visualising how your world will become a better place with the addition of boffin books and a USB 3.0 pen drive?

KitGuru says: It’s hard to imagine an argument against bigger, faster, cheaper USB 3.0 pen drives. If we think of one, we’ll let you know.

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