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In Pictures: Gadget Show Live 2013 – The Public Event

You may have caught our coverage of The Gadget Show Live’s press day here and here, but we also soaked up the excited atmosphere of the ‘public event’ that was attended by many thousands of people from a variety of age groups. No further introduction is required, so let’s get viewing pictures from The Gadget Show …

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Gadget Show Live Part 2 – The good and the lazy

Part 1 was a little depressing, I’ll give you that. I basically said the show had few of the big names it usually does and that it was full of people pushing products most of you don’t want. To counter that, this one’s going to be a little more positive, …

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Gadget Show Live 2013 Part 1

Gadget Show Live has, like Channel Expo before it, is one of – if not the – biggest tech shows in the UK. It’s designed to showcase new gaming developments, new hardware from manufacturers and of course, gadgetry – since the inspiration for the show is the TV programme, with …

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