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Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Special Edition Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are going to take a look at a special edition of the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E, a cooler which was one of the original competitors of the Noctua NH-D14.  This cooler is designed to be as quiet as possible, while still offering excellent acoustic performance.

The market for CPU coolers is more competitive than ever with a wide variety of high-end air heatsinks available from a number of manufacturers as well as the vast numbers increasingly popular all-in-one liquid coolers on sale.  It's therefore difficult for smaller brands to compete, especially the likes of Thermalright who aren't as well known as the likes of Noctua or Corsair.

In this test today we will be comparing the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Special Edition with the Noctua NH-D14 and Phanteks PH-TC14PE, as well as the latest all-in-one liquid cooling units from Corsair and NZXT.


  • Cooler Dimension: Length 154mm x Width 103mm x Height 165mm (without fans) 154mm x Width 130mm x 165mm (with both TY-143 fan installed).
  • Cooler weight: 750g.
  • Heat-pipe: 6mm Sintered Heat-pipe*8 units.
  • Cooler Base Material: C1100 Pure Copper with Nickel Plating.

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  1. Id much rather have the Corsair H100 or H110. These take up too much space around the CPU socket.

  2. “they will both be completely inaudible when used inside a quality case.”

    No, just no. Neither of them will ever be completely inaudible