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AMD: New chip designs are more than 18 months away

Advanced Micro Devices has significantly reinvented itself in the recent years. The company changed its strategy and improved its execution. Still, in order to be successful and profitable the company needs new competitive products since currently AMD cannot compete against Intel on the market of high-performance microprocessors. Unfortunately, brand new CPU architectures are still more than a year away.

Rory Read, chief executive officer of AMD, said in an interview with Bloomberg news-agency that the company’s new microprocessors for personal computers and servers based on new micro-architectures are due in 2016. The executive did not reveal any additional details about the new architectures, but he made it clear that the company’s products for 2015 will be based on existing micro-architectures and will hardly make AMD much more competitive than it is today.

Previously AMD said that it would introduce processors based on its own ARMv8-compatible micro-architecture in 2016. AMD is also expected to unveil central processing units based on its new high-performance x86 micro-architecture in 2016. The company itself has not officially confirmed plans for a new high-performance x86 core.


“AMD engineers are now proving they can deliver new designs on time, something that didn’t happen in the past,” said Mr. Read.

Next year AMD plans to release accelerated processing units based on low-power Puma+ and high-performance Steamroller micro-architectures. Both architectures are not expected to significantly improve performance compared to existing chips. Thanks to the fact that some new APUs will be made using thinner 20nm process technology, their power consumption will get lower.

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KitGuru Says: A good thing is that AMD’s chief executive officer promises that the new chips and architectures will not be delayed. A bad thing is that AMD will be unable to compete against Intel really well for another year.

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