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AMD’s ‘Zen’ could sport Intel’s ‘Skylake’ features, new 512-bit FPU – rumours

Although microprocessors based on AMD’s next-generation high-performance micro-architecture code-named “Zen” are more than a year away, some details regarding the forthcoming chips and “Zen” in general are beginning to surface. The most recent rumours about the new architecture add some technical details and point to release schedule of the new …

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AMD readies Zen-based ‘Summit Ridge’ microprocessors

Advanced Micro Devices is working on a new family of microprocessors code-named “Summit Ridge”. The new chips will be based on the new high-performance micro-architecture known as “Zen” and will be made using 14nm fabrication process. At present not a lot of information is known about the new family of …

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AMD: We have bright future in 2016 and ahead

Advanced Micro Devices may not have a clear product roadmap for 2015, when it essentially will continue selling current-generation products and will not increase performance of its chips significantly. Nonetheless, the company pins many hopes on its 2016 lineup when it will have a number of new products that are …

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AMD: ‘Bulldozer’ was not a game-changer, but next-gen ‘Zen’ will be

Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday confirmed that it is developing an all-new high-performance x86 micro-architecture code-named “Zen”. Rory Read, chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices, admitted that the current-generation “Bulldozer” micro-architectures could not improve AMD’s positions on the market of central processing units, so, at present AMD pins hopes on …

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AMD: New chip designs are more than 18 months away

Advanced Micro Devices has significantly reinvented itself in the recent years. The company changed its strategy and improved its execution. Still, in order to be successful and profitable the company needs new competitive products since currently AMD cannot compete against Intel on the market of high-performance microprocessors. Unfortunately, brand new …

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AMD unveils new roadmap, plans to offer pin-compatible x86 and ARM chips

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday announced details concerning its longer-term roadmap. The firm disclosed plans to develop its own ARMv8 core implementations as well as pin-compatible microprocessors and accelerated processing units based on ARM and x86 architecture. But while the company unveiled a clear and logical strategy regarding low-power and …

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