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Sharing data and other resources, safely among a trusted group is key to the success of small and medium sized businesses. Home servers are also becoming more popular. Save time and money by listening to KitGuru.

Alleged Skylake-EP on sale at eBay

If you want to get your hands on some prime Intel server rib, then you can head along to eBay and check this matched pair of what the seller is claiming to be Skylake-EP processors, or as they describe it, an “Intel Xeon E5-2600 v5” CPU. The heatspreader is engraved …

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Apple thinks someone is modifying its servers during transit

In the latest instance of Apple looking to distance itself from government interference, it has announced that it is now designing its own servers in-house, because it’s concerned that someone is modifying its servers after they’ve been shipped from the manufacturer. In some cases, it believes hardware was added to …

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Quantum computer is already 100 million times faster than PCs

As much as a quantum computer may be the holy grail for anyone looking for extreme performance, we’re a long way off making them at the scale of current computer hardware and having them be the multi-functional, endlessly powerful machines we want. But early developments are still rather impressive. Take …

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Oracle and Intel take fight to IBM server market

Intel is making big pushes into a number of different markets this year, driving its low-power, small form factor chips into wearables and micro-systems, and looking to make its Xeon CPUs dominate in the hotly contested server market with the help of Oracle. Together they’re hoping to convince enterprise customers …

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Nvidia Tesla is dominating the market of HPC accelerators

High-performance computing is a market that adopts the latest and greatest technologies very quickly. Leading-edge supercomputers usually utilize the latest microprocessors, compute accelerators, high-end NAND flash-based storage from various vendors. The vast majority of modern HPC systems are based on Intel Xeon processors, however, when it comes to compute accelerators, …

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Intel to release 22-core Xeon E5 v4 “Broadwell-EP” late in 2015

Intel Corp. this week reaffirmed plans to release the next generation of its multi-core Xeon E5 v4 central processing units code-named “Broadwell-EP”, which were rumoured to be cancelled earlier this year. The new chips will emerge later this year, they will increase core-count, memory bandwidth and will also feature micro-architecture-level improvements. …

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Xilinx tapes-out world’s first 16nm FinFET+ system-on-chip

Xilinx, a leading designer of field-programmable gate arrays as well as special-purpose system-on-chip solutions, on Wednesday said that it had taped-out one of the world’s first SoCs to be made using TSMC’s 16nm FinFET+ process technology. The new chip will be used for self-driving vehicles, industrial Internet-of-Things and 5G wireless …

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Intel quietly introduces faster semi-custom 18-core Xeon E7 processor

Intel Corp. has quietly introduced its highest-performing x86 server microprocessor to date. The chip features a number of unique capabilities, such as on-the-fly reconfiguration of core-count and frequency, and is currently available to Oracle and its server customers. The Intel Xeon E7-8895 v3 “Haswell-EX” central processing unit features 18 cores …

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