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AMD adds new Nutanix HCI Solutions to the EPYC ecosystem

AMD has expanded the ecosystem of EPYC based cloud and virtualised solutions with the addition of the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX, powered by EPYC processors and Nutanix's Hybrid cloud infrastructure solution. 

With more companies starting to move to HCI solutions to “modernise and transform their enterprise data centre”, performance, ease of management and efficiency of the data centre increases. By using both AMD EPYC processors and Nutanix hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, it's possible to “accelerate workloads like digital workspaces”,  including VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) with improved performance, security, and support from various ISVs and OEM partners.

Dan McNamara, senior vice president and general manager of the server business unit at AMD, stated that as “more employees are in a work from anywhere situation”, IT managers have to redesign their systems, offering a more modern and digital environment for their business. Through virtualised and HCI environments powered by AMD EPYC, IT leaders now have the “power to provide a high-performance” and secure solution that not only solve the employees' need to “work from anywhere”, as it also helps to achieve the company goals. Tarkan Maner, chief commercial officer at Nutanix, claimed that the company's objective is to provide their customers “with the best software and hardware solutions to help modernise their data centres, as part of their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies”. Putting Nutanix's software alongside OEM platforms and AMD EPYC processors give customers the performance, flexibility, and freedom of choice they need for their workloads and applications.

AMD EPYC processors have become “a leading choice” for HCI solutions because of their performance, memory capabilities, and security. There are already multiple AMD/Nutanix HCI solutions powering companies such as Diaway and ATIPA Technologies. The OEMs offering these solutions are DELL, with its EMC XC Core XC6515 and AX-6515, Lenovo, with the ThinkAgile HX 3000 and the newly release HX series of HCI solutions, and HPE ProLiant, featuring the HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 HCI and the HPE ProLiant DX/DL325 and DX/DL385.

As HCI continues to rise in popularity and functionality, AMD will keep working closely with its associates to provide the “best possible solutions for partners and customers”.

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KitGuru says: EPYC's presence continues to grow in the datacentre, cloud and professional markets. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for EPYC too with Zen 3 versions presumably on the way. 

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