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Leaked AMD slide details Ryzen 5000 series memory overclocking

An AMD slide belonging to the “When Gaming Begins” presentation has leaked, detailing the memory overclocking in Ryzen 5000 desktop processors. As per this slide, “DDR4-4000 is to Ryzen 5000 series as DDR4-3800 was to AMD Ryzen 3000 series”.

The slide shared by TechnoPat, details what Infinity Fabric clock (fclk), memory controller clock (uclk), and memory clock (mclk) mean. As explained in the slide, Infinity Fabric clock controls how fast can CPU cores communicate across the dies and with SoC controller. Regarding the memory controller clock, it controls how fast the memory controller can “ingest/exgest commands” from RAM. The memory clock is the speed of the RAM of your system.

These three clocks will come in a 1:1:1 relationship by default, but the RAM speed set by the user will determine the value. If the user buys a kit of RAM with an XMP profile with 4000MHz and sets it in the BIOS, the memory controller and Infinity Fabric clocks will also be 4000MHz.

Image credit: TechnoPat

The slide also claims that “memory/fabric is the biggest ROI for AMD Ryzen customers who want to overclock and tweak their systems”. Additionally, it also states that as DDR4-3800 was the top-performance configuration for Ryzen 3000 desktop processors, DDR4-4000 will be the same for Ryzen 5000 desktop processors.

AMD has scheduled the release of the Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors for November 5th.

KitGuru says: Based on how much a DDR4-4000 memory kit costs, do you think it will be worth to buy it? How much performance do you expect to gain if you change from a DDR4-3800 kit to a DDR4-4000 one?

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