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Intel to introduce memory overcloking support on H570 and B560 motherboards

It looks like Intel will finally introduce memory overclocking support on non-Z motherboards, starting with the 500-series. By enabling memory overclocking support, systems equipped with H570 or B560 motherboards will allow memory modules to operate above their official specifications for increased performance. Unlike AMD, which offers overclocking support on almost all …

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Thermaltake announces ToughLiquid AIO CPU liquid coolers

Thermaltake is expanding its portfolio of cooling products with the addition of the ToughLiquid series of AIO CPU watercoolers. With Thermaltake’s new line of high-performance AIO CPU watercoolers, the company will launch five models, with radiators ranging from 240mm to 360mm. The ToughLiquid series coolers will come in two different flavours: ToughLiquid …

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