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EKWB introduce new enterprise grade GPU water blocks

EK Water Blocks has expanded its professional range this week with a host of new workstation/server-grade water blocks for powerful workstation graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD, including Quadro, Tesla and Radeon Pro WX GPUs.

The company claims that this is just the beginning of its push into the enterprise market, with more product releases expected to follow in the coming months. In the first batch of enterprise-grade water blocks comes the EK-Pro GPU WB series designed to directly cool the GPU, VRM and VRAM of these workstation/server graphics cards, with liquid channelled directly across critical components.

EK-Pro GPU water blocks utilise an Open Split-Flow design that EK has proved to be a superior solution for GPU cooling. The water blocks feature a low hydraulic flow restriction, perfect for use with a low speed or a weaker pump setup, while still maintaining high thermal performance. Both the jet plate and fin structure are optimised for even flow distribution and optimal performance in reversed liquid flow situations.

At the base of the EK-Pro GPU WB is a CNC machined nickel-plated copper thermal transfer plate, with a top cover manufactured from a durable industrial-grade stainless steel. EPDM rubber O-rings are used to ensure the block is perfectly sealed, while brass standoffs come pre-installed for simple assembly. Compared with consumer EKWB GPU blocks, the thermal transfer plate has been made thicker and more durable, a G1/4” port terminal is milled directly into the thermal transfer plate for increased reliability.

EK-Pro GPU WB RTX water blocks are compatible with Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000, 6000 and 4000 GPUs. An EK-Pro GPU WB RTX 2080 Ti-Ni + Inox is also available for Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards and the EK-Pro GPU WB WX9100 is designed specifically for the AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100. Additionally, EKWB has a new line of EK-Pro GPU backplates to complement this new series of enterprise GPU water blocks.

The new EK-Pro water blocks and backplates are available to order via the EK Webshop, backplates are on pre-order status and expected to ship on 23rd June 2020. The EK-Pro GPU WB blocks are priced starting from €191.50 and the backplates from €40.24.

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KitGuru says: With its reputation for producing high-quality consumer liquid cooling products, its no surprise that EKWB is expanding its enterprise range with some durable and high-performance products. What do you guys think of these new workstation/server-grade GPU blocks from EKWB?  

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