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Antec launch the DF600 FLUX airflow case

Antec has announced the addition of a new PC case to the company’s FLUX series this week, the brand new Antec DF600 FLUX is equipped with “advanced ventilation” which Antec claims to take the FLUX series thermal performance to the next level. The company says it has developed a revolutionary …

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Philips unveil a new 49-inch SuperWide monitor

Earlier this week, Philips announced a new display that offers all the benefits of multi-monitor configurations but without the setup hassle that comes with it. Philips suggests that with the new 498P9 SuperWide monitor, users can forget multi-monitor setups for good. Features of the new Philips 498P9 Brilliance 32:9 SuperWide …

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Gigabyte adds another motherboard to the Aorus Waterforce series

Gigabyte’s Waterforce series has outfitted motherboards with all-in-one monoblocks designed for custom water-cooling enthusiasts of late, with the most recent Z490 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce being no exception featuring a huge monoblock covering the CPU, VRM, SSD and PCH. However, Gigabyte has added a new member to the Waterforce range this …

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Asus launch the new Mini PC PN50

Asus has introduced a new ultra-compact computer to its mini-PC range this week. The all-new Mini PC PN50 claims to be a powerful device suitable for a range of application in the home or at the office. The Asus PN50 Mini PC is equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 …

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Vodafone Curve tracks your valuable possessions

A new smart tracker launched by Vodafone this week helps you locate the things most valuable to you while being lightweight, versatile and affordable. The Curve tracker is the company’s latest addition to its IoT range. Until recently, Vodafone relied on trusted manufacturers from around the world to expand its …

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QNAP launches its first 2.5GbE network switch

Network and storage specialist QNAP has revealed the company’s first 2.5 GbE network switch. The new QNAP QSW-1105-5T 2.5 GbE network switch offers a balance between performance and cost. With the QNAP QSW-1105-5T 2.5 GbE network switch, users can simply switch out their old hardware and connect the switch to …

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