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Xilinx unveils real-time server appliances for video streaming

Xilinx has unveiled new “purpose-built video transcoding appliances” based on a new “Xilinx Real-Time Server reference architecture”. The device is designed to deliver good video quality at lower cost and high channel density per rack. 

Just a year ago, few could have predicted the massive upswing in video conferencing that now is a reality. The increase in activity has lead to heavier loads for ISPs, and to decrease the bandwidth usage many streaming services, such as Netflix and YouTube, lowered image quality settings.

In a bid to combat these problems, Xilinx developed two “real-time computing video appliances for easy-to-scale, ultra-high-density video transcoding applications”. The appliances are said to offer a “4x reduction in cost, footprint, and power for H.264 at 1080p30 resolution and x264 medium preset.”

Video credit: Xilinx

“As the volume of video streaming increases exponentially, optimized architectures are becoming critical,” said Donna Yasay, vice president of marketing, Data Center Group, at Xilinx. “With these new reference architectures, Xilinx is enabling solution providers to maximize cost savings, while delivering high-quality video streaming services.”

The products are aimed towards those who do live streaming, eSports, telemedicine, distance learning, video conferencing or broadcasting, and the devices are available now through authorised resellers and OEMs.

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