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Gigabyte and Incooling create new class of phase-change server cooling

With every new generation of CPUs comes an increase in performance, in recent years the number of cores in each processor has increased rapidly which in turn drive up TDP. This increase in CPU TDP ratings means conventional air cooling becomes less effective, so manufacturers of high-performance systems are looking for innovative new ways of keeping processor temperature under control.

Gigabyte has announced a new partnership with cooling specialists Incooling to design a prototype model for a new class of two-phase liquid cooling solution for overclockable servers used in the high-frequency trading market. Gigabyte has provided its overclockable R161 series server platform as a testbed for Incooling to work with.

“We are always looking into new cooling technologies that help our customers push the boundaries of performance and efficiency in their data centres. Incooling offers a unique solution, different from others in the market place, and we are looking forward to working with them to see what new possibilities we can achieve using our servers together with their cutting edge two-phase cooling technology” said Mike Chang, Thermal R&D Manager at Gigabyte.

The cooling system that Incooling is working on will be capable of pushing temperatures way below what’s possible from traditional data centre air cooling systems. This is done by leveraging special refrigerants and using a phase-change solution inside a pressure-controlled loop. This method is highly efficient and exchanges heat from the processor with the air in the data centre.

Initial tests of this cooling solution on the Gigabyte R161 server has shown up to 20°C lower core temperatures, which means performance can be pushed even further and contributes up to a 10% increase in CPU clock speed while lowering overall power draw by 200 watts. The partnership will continue its R&D efforts to push these boundaries even further, Incooling is planning on adopting this cooling technology to other Gigabyte server systems in the future.

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KitGuru says: Traditional cooling solutions are becoming less efficient in cooling high-performance processors these days, so this design from Incooling will be a welcomed change if performance figures and temperatures in testing are transferred to real-world scenarios. What do you guys think of this new phase-change cooling design from Incooling and Gigabyte?  

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