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Interview: Robert Hallock on Why AMD’s Efficiency Wins

We got the chance to speak to AMD's Director of Technical Marketing on a variety of topics relating to the recently launched Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series of processors. Robert Hallock discusses the advantages for AMD's high-performance core design versus Intel's hybrid architecture, power efficiency, and there's discussion on the advantages brought about by RDNA 2 graphics...

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Luke and Leo Get Technical (Ep 12) – AMD Must Respond to Intel 12th Gen

Intel’s performance offering from the 12th Gen processors is impressive. The gaming crown looks to be back Intel’s hand, and AMD also needs to respond to their overall performance crown being infringed upon. How will AMD respond? And what are the timescales? There’s also the elephant in the room of Apple, with the M1 silicon continuing to make impressive performance strides...

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Intel ‘Raptor Lake-S’ power requirements have been unveiled

We've recently shared the alleged power limits for the Intel Alder Lake-S series of processors. Now, it's time to do the same for Raptor Lake-S, the alleged successor of Alder Lake-S expected to release in H2 2022. As reported by Igor'sLAB,  Raptor Lake-S power requirements are divided into 35W, 65W, …

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Intel refreshes the 11th Gen Core mobile lineup with two new SKUs

Intel has officially introduced two new processors to the 11th Gen Core mobile line-up: the Core i5-1155G7 and the Core i7-1195G7. Both processors are similar to other SKUs, offering slightly higher clock speeds while maintaining the core configuration. Like the other i5 and i7 processors of the 11th Gen Core …

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