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Nvidia’s upcoming AI CPU will reportedly use ARM Cortex X5 cores and a Blackwell GPU

New rumours about Nvidia's upcoming AI processor specifications have come to our attention. It has been claimed that the AI SoC will use ARM cores, a Blackwell GPU, and LPDDR6 memory. However, conflicting information about the process node leaves us wondering if TSMC or Intel will manufacture it.

ARM is reportedly preparing to launch a new high-performance core codenamed “Blackhawk” for next-generation flagship smartphones by the end of the year. This next-generation Cortex is expected to be named Cortex-X5 and is anticipated to play a significant role in Nvidia's upcoming AI processor, according to AGF.

AGF also claimed that Nvidia's upcoming SoC will use ARM Cortex-X5 “Blackhawk” CPU cores, Blackwell integrated graphics, and LPDDR6 memory. The SoC will supposedly based on TSMC's N3P node, but conflicting claims from Kepler_L2 suggest that the green team might use Intel's 3nm node instead.

Rumours regarding Nvidia's potential venture into the mobile market with ARM-based processors have been circulating for months, with rumours claiming these chips would target the next-generation Nintendo Switch and other gaming handhelds to CPUs designed for AI PCs meeting Microsoft Copilot+ specifications and rival the Snapdragon X SoCs. More recently, we've heard that these processors are being made in collaboration with Mediatek. Hopefully, we'll learn more about them in Computex.

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KitGuru says: Whether it's based on TSMC N3P or Intel 3nm process node, Nvidia's AI processor is shaping up to be a very interesting launch. 

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