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Portal RTX is launching next week

Nvidia's in-house Lightspeed Studios has worked with several game developers in recent years to bring RTX features to various titles. During that time, this team has also created its own fully ray-traced remasters of games like Quake II and Minecraft. Next on the list is Portal RTX, which is officially launching in December. 

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Nvidia speaks out on melting RTX 4090 connectors

Nvidia has been investigating user reports of melting 12VHPWR connectors for a few weeks at this point. Through its own investigation last week, Gamers Nexus concluded that many of these cases are likely a mix of user error and design oversight. Now, Nvidia has followed up with a new statement on the matter, confirming it has received reports of 50 cases so far. 

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Loose cables, bending and debris behind melting 12VHPWR connectors

There has been much discussion around the 12VHPWR adapter shipping with Nvidia's new RTX 40 series cards after a few users reported issues with the connector overheating. We've seen plenty of theories on the root cause and even a dissection of the adapter, but reproducing the issue was proving to be tricky. The team over at Gamers Nexus spent weeks looking into this and running failure tests, and now, the results are in. 

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Nvidia ‘still investigating’ RTX 4090 12VHPWR adapter issues

It has been a few weeks since Nvidia revealed that it is investigating reports of dodgy 12VHPWR adapters shipping with RTX 4090 graphics cards. We've seen plenty of investigation into the matter from the tech press, but Nvidia itself has remained silent since the investigation began. That changed this week with Nvidia releasing a statement on the matter...

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Asus debuts new Dual RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X graphics card

Following on from months of leaks and rumours, the first GDDR6X RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards are starting to arrive. This time around, Asus is launching a revamped Dual-series RTX 3060 Ti with 8GB of GDDR6X memory.  Similar to previous RTX 3060 Ti Dual series graphics cards, the new ones …

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RTX 4090 adapter issues can be solved with redesign

If you've been paying attention to PC hardware news lately, then you likely know about the issues with Nvidia's 12VHPWR adapter for the RTX 4090. Some customers using these adapters have experienced major issues, seemingly due to poor construction of the adapter itself. There might be a fix though.  Following …

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