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Modded RTX 4090 gains 13% performance boost thanks to 26 Gbps GDDR6X memory alone

The TecLab team has been hard at work on an intriguing new project they've dubbed RTX 4090 Super. By heavily modding and overclocking an RTX 4090, the team improved the card's performance by about 39%.

The two most interesting upgrades/mods done by Teclab (via Wccftech) are probably the integration of VRAM from an RTX 4080 Super, which uses 23Gbps GDDR6X memory (overclocked to 26Gbps), and the Galax HOF (Hall of Fame) PCB, known for its impressive overclocking potential, 28-phase VRM and twin 16-pin power connections.

Notably, the RAM overclocking alone contributed to a 13% performance increase, emphasising the impact of memory enhancements, especially in memory-bound tasks like 8K Superposition. Adding the GPU overclock to the equation netted  a 16.5% increase over stock and a 3% over the memory OC config. The biggest difference comes when adding the LOD optimisation, which increased  performance by 39% over stock.

Looking ahead, the expected 28Gbps VRAM in the upcoming RTX 50 series promises substantial performance enhancements from the memory alone. TecLab's expert overclocking has already elevated the maximum bandwidth from 1TB/s to over 1.2TB/s, setting the stage for the next RTX 5090 model, expected to feature a 512-bit memory bus and a staggering 1.8TB/s bandwidth.

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