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Clevo roadmaps point to future mobile chip plans from Nvidia, AMD and Intel

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia may have all just had the next few years of launches leaked a little early. A series of roadmaps from laptop maker, Clevo, have made their way online, revealing upcoming laptop chips from all three major companies over the next couple of years. 

According to the leaked roadmaps shared by Dominic Alvieri, Intel is set to introduce Arrow Lake-H and Arrow Lake-HX in Q4 2024. Additionally, the roadmaps confirm the existence of Arrow Lake-H Refresh, set to be launched in Q2 2025, and an Arrow Lake-HX Refresh in early 2026. The specifics of the update are not revealed, but a message from ++TOPS (Arrow Lake-HX) suggests that the refresh may feature a newer and more powerful NPU. Further down the line, Intel plans to debut Panther Lake-H and U in Q4 2025, with availability extending through 2026.

Image credit: Dominic Alvieri

As for AMD, the roadmap suggests that Strix Point was previously scheduled for a 2025 release, but we know that won't be the case, as AMD already confirmed the release for July 2024. The roadmap also confirms the existence of Strix Halo, featuring 16 cores and utilising the same XDNA2 CPU as Strix Point and Kraken Point. Additionally, the roadmap references AMD's next-generation HX platform, Fire Range, with 16 cores and X3D SKUs.

The same leak also includes roadmaps for Nvidia's upcoming laptop GPUs, listing six variations with their codenames starting with “GN22”. The leaked information suggests a 2025 release for these GPUs, shedding light on Nvidia's plans for its laptop GPU line-up. Among other details, the roadmaps indicate that Nvidia's RTX 50 Laptop GPU family will include three SKUs with 8GB of VRAM, two with 16GB and one with 12GB. The roadmap also suggests that all the SKUs use GDDR7 memory.

KitGuru says: Considering the Strix Point release shown in the roadmap, there's a chance that more information on these roadmaps is outdated. Still, it's a good overview of what the mobile segment is getting in the next year or two.

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