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Toshiba doubles down on 3D memory investment with new fab


Toshiba is set to build a brand new fabrication plant in Yokkaichi Operations in Mie, Japan, dedicated to the production of 3D Flash memory. With construction set to begin in early 2017, the fab. will sit alongside a new Memory research and development centre that will also be constructed over …

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G.Skill smashes 4GHz memory barrier with new 4,266MHz kit

Long gone are the days of sub-Ghz memory frequencies with earlier versions of DDR memory, but G.Skill has taken it to the next level by breaking through the 4GHz barrier with its new Trident Z kit. Offering a frequency of 4,266MHz, the new kit packs Samsung memory chips into 8GB and …

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Samsung is building 256GB memory chips for smartphones

Over the last year or two smartphone makers have finally started moving away from 16GB storage options, with many newer flagship Android devices offering 32GB as the base option as apps grow in size and users start demanding more space for their media. It looks like smartphone memory sizes could …

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Corsair launches its fastest ever DDR4 RAM kits

Corsair’s RAM kits have become quite popular over the years and have earned a solid reputation. However, things are about to get kicked up a notch as Corsair has revealed its new Vengeance 32GB, 64GB and 128GB DDR4 memory kits, which also happen to be its fastest ever. Corsair’s new …

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G.Skill shows off giant 128GB DDR4 memory kit

Looking at any survey of gamers and enthusiasts shows that the most common memory configuration is 8GB. Some of you have 16GB of course and the big system buyers or heavy CG renderers may need 32GB or a little more, but we’re pretty sure almost none of you have a …

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Need more memory? G.Skill has a new 64GB DDR4 kit ready to go

Most PCs, laptops and tablets use just a few gigabytes of memory and even the average gaming PC sports just eight gigabytes according to the Steam hardware survey. But there are people out there that want more than that: the uber-high-end enthusiasts, renderers and heavy photo editors. It’s for them …

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Samsung now mass producing 128GB DDR4 modules

If the Steam Hardware Survey is anything to go by, most of you are running between four and eight gigabytes of RAM in your system. That’s enough for most games, though some video editing and Photoshop pros may like a few more Gigabytes tacked on there too. Samsung clearly wants us all …

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KLEVV Cras 3200MHz 16GB DDR4 Review

You may not have heard of KLEVV – the newest player on the consumer memory scene. KLEVV’s parent company, Essencore, falls under the same SK Group umbrella corporation as semiconductor giant SK Hynix. Thus KLEVV is practically a consumer memory arm for SK Hynix’s DRAM production capabilities. The setup is …

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Western Digital is buying SanDisk for $19 billion

Just after yesterday’s news regarding Western Digital’s talks to buy memory chip maker, SanDisk, the acquisition has been announced. WD will be taking over SanDisk for $19 billion, or $86.50 per share. The news was confirmed by Western Digital itself in a hefty press release posted online today. This acquisition …

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