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Crucial replaces discontinued Ballistix memory with new Crucial Pro memory modules

After discontinuing the Ballistix series, Crucial's memory lineup was limited to classic no-heatsink modules. These may be enough for general users, but gamers tend to look for fast modules with tighter timings and better aesthetics, something Crucial's standard modules didn't offer. Fast forwarding a few months, the memory manufacturer is now introducing the Pro series, acting much like a replacement to the Ballistix memory modules.

The Crucial Pro series memory will be available in DDR5 and DDR4 variants, with speeds reaching DDR5-5600 and DDR4-3200, respectively. While the DDR4 modules feature a green PCB, the DDR5 ones use a black PCB, giving it a sleeker aesthetic than the former.

Regarding specs, there aren't many differences beyond the heatsink between the Pro series and Crucial's classic modules. However, there is a noteworthy feature that may appeal to potential buyers – Crucial has implemented support for AMD EXPO (DDR5 modules only) and Intel XMP (2.0 for DDR4 and 3.0 for DDR5) in its Pro series.

It's important to pay attention to the memory timings. Despite being marketed as “for gamers”, the modules' specifications show Crucial has adhered to JEDEC standards when designing them. As such, they come with timings of 46-46-45-45 at 1.1 V for the DDR5-5600 UDIMM kit. If Crucial wanted to tighten the timings a bit more, it could have opted for 40-40-40-40, which also complies with JEDEC standards. In terms of pricing, a 32GB (2 x 16GB) Pro series DDR5-5600 kit carries an MSRP of $114.99, while a 32GB (2 x 16GB) Pro series DDR4-3200 kit costs $69.99.

KitGuru says: There is room for improvement but it is good to see Crucial producing memory like this again. Hopefully in time, we'll see more modules with tighter timings, or perhaps better speeds. One thing we're curious to see is how well these modules will overclock. 

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