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Computex 2023: TeamGroup shows off new T-Force hardware

Today at Computex, Leo stopped by Team Group's T-Force booth to get the latest on new SSDs, memory and coolers. 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 New T-Force memory
  • 01:04 AIO and… SSD cooling?!
  • 02:29 M.2 SSDs and more RAM
  • 03:21 Leo signing off

We expected to see plenty of memory on show at the Team Group T-Force booth and we were not disappointed. The big product on show is the T-Force Extreme ARGB DDR5-8266 memory kit, offering 32GB of dual-channel DDR5 memory running at blistering speeds, complete with RGB. The heat spreader has been redesigned to better handle the increased thermals of DDR5 memory modules. We've been told that once DDR5 speeds start pushing 8000MHz, temperatures start to rise rapidly to uncomfortable levels. The new heat spreaders for T-Force's latest modules are poised to handle that.

Alongside new ultra-fast memory modules, Team Group is showcasing a lot of new coolers, including specific models for the new wave of Gen 5 SSDs. These SSDs can hit high temperatures, reaching 100 degrees under extreme load. With that in mind, active cooling for SSDs is starting to seem like a very good idea for new builds. With that in mind, Team Group is working on air coolers, liquid coolers and passive solutions. One of the more interesting AIOs can cool both the CPU and an SSD.

The T-Force Cardea Z4 and Z5 SSDs are also on show today. Both offer 3D TLC Nand and multi-terabyte capacities. The key difference is that the Z4 is a PCIe 4 SSD capable of speeds up to 7200MB/s, while the Z5 is a PCIe 5 SSD capable of speeds up to 12000MB/s.

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KitGuru Says: We'll be back with more Computex coverage to close out the week, so stay tuned for more! 

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