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Fujifilm working towards 400TB tape cartridges

Fujifilm is researching the capabilities of Strontium Ferrite (SrFe) and theorises that the material will be able to achieve 224Gbit/in² area density. The company is looking to develop a way to use the material to manufacture tape cartridges with a 400TB capacity. The magnetic tapes in use today are usually …

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Discord is rebranding to move beyond gaming

Back in February, Discord began re-evaluating its service and ultimately decided to cut out game launcher features and the in-app game store. Now, we know the next part of the plan, which will see Discord rebranding itself as a chat app for everyone, not just the gaming community.  Since launch, …

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Microsoft cuts advertising from Facebook

In an oddly timed move, Microsoft has reportedly stopped all advertising spending on Facebook and Instagram. Given that Microsoft is one of the biggest spenders on Zuckerberg’s platforms, this is an important shift, but it comes at an odd time, as Microsoft just partnered with Facebook Gaming following the shutdown …

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Microsoft set to close down retail stores

Microsoft is officially winding down its physical retail business, with 83 Microsoft Store locations set to close down permanently. Instead of investing in high street locations, Microsoft will instead be focusing the bulk of its efforts on the Microsoft Store website instead. The shift to online shopping has been an …

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Qualcomm intros new RB5 robotics platform

Qualcomm has announced the “World’s First 5G and AI-Enabled Robotics Platform”. This robotics platform – known as RB5 – is a result of “many leading companies” and “ecosystem players” contributing to the system and “developing necessary hardware and software to enable various robotics applications”. Qualcomm’s RB5 is designed for robot …

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YMTC set to enter the SSD market this year

The Chinese-based memory manufacturer, YMTC, is expected move into the SSD market in Q3 2020. The company is reported to have started mass-producing 64-layer 3D NAND that will be used in the upcoming SSDs. Yangtze Memory Technologies, also known as YMTC, was founded in Wuhan, China in July 2016 – …

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