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Computex 2024: Sharkoon unveils new wooden keyboard, new cases and coolers

At Computex this week, Sharkoon arrived at the show armed with its suite of peripherals, PC cases and coolers. Join Leo as we take a closer look at all things Sharkoon for the second half of 2024.

Sharkoon's latest PC case, the Rebel C20, is here. Designed for Mini-ITX systems, with room for SFX and SFX-L PSUs, the case is built with high-end components in mind and has space for nine 120mm fans to keep everything cool. If you need something a bit larger, the Elite Shark CM100 is built with M-ATX in mind, while the Elite Shark CA500 is built for full-sized ATX PCs and is compatible with back-connect motherboards, so you can hide your cables out of sight at the back of the case.

On the peripheral front, Sharkoon has a full range of mechanical keyboards available for typists and gamers. Recently, Sharkoon also launched its new SKILLER SGM35 and SGM50W gaming mice. The former is a wired mouse, housing an ATG4090 sensor. It looks identical to the SGM50W, but the key difference here is the 50W is wireless, with a battery life of up to 70 hours per charge. Sharkoon also has a range of budget and higher-end gaming headsets. The SGH10 fits the budget category, offering a reliable wired headphone & mic setup that can work across multiple devices, including PCs and consoles, for less than 20 euros.

Be sure to watch the full video above for a deeper dive into Sharkoon's line-up for PC enthusiasts in 2024.

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