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Computex 2024: Palit debuts new GPUs and Lynk+ liquid cooling system

Palit had several interesting graphics card announcements at Computex this year. For starters, Palit is gearing up a new ‘AquaFusion' cooler design that blends air cooling and liquid cooling to deliver even greater temperatures on powerful GPUs like the RTX 4090. We also get a look at new RTX 4080 Super Master and RTX 4080 Super Beyond Limits graphics cards, and a new prototype liquid cooling project. 

The Palit RTX 4090 Neptunus will be the first to use the company's new patented AquaFusion copper base, a unique design with an integrated water channel in the copper base. The graphics card has the benefit of a full air cooler, one that is more than capable of maintaining good temperatures for the RTX 4090 under load. However, if you plug it into a custom liquid cooling loop via the integrated block, you can reduce temperatures further. Preliminary tests show the card achieving sub-65C temperatures with air only, dropping to under 58C once liquid cooling is applied.

The Palit x Lynk+ water cooling project is the highlight. This is a joint effort between German water cooling brand, LYNK+ and Palit, with the goal of creating modular water-cooling parts. The products here would make custom liquid cooling more accessible, with simpler plug-and-play designs for radiators and tubing.

As for new custom graphics cards, Palit has the new Master and Beyond Limits designs. The RTX 4080 Super Master uses a sleek chapagne-metal cover and black cooling fins, for a simple, screw-less design that looks mighty professional. The RTX 4080 Super Beyond Limits is much more in line with what we would expect from a gaming graphics card, with giant ARGB LEDs emblazoned along the side in the Quartz version. The Crystal version has a smaller ARGB logo that stretches along just over half the length of the card.

KitGuru Says: What did you all think of Palit's Computex 2024 reveals? Would you like to see more plug-and-play liquid cooling hardware, like the Palit x LYNK+ graphics card and radiator combo? 

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