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Black Ops 6 trailer is already Call of Duty’s most-watched video on YouTube

The Past few years for Call of Duty has not been the best reception-wise, with Vanguard and the latter Modern Warfare sequels receiving quite a bit of criticism from fans. The return to the Black Ops series with this year’s upcoming entry seems to have attracted a lot of attention, as the recent Black Ops 6 reveal trailer has already become the most-watched video on COD’s official channel.

As noted by known COD news reporter/leaker CharlieIntel, the Gameplay Reveal Trailer for Black Ops 6 which was published just a few days ago has already amassed over 50 million views, becoming the most watched video on the series’ official YouTube channel.

Of course, a portion of these views can be attributed to the fact that the trailer has also been played as an ad on other YouTube videos, but considering that it has already surpassed Infinite Warfare’s infamous reveal trailer (which at one point was the most disliked video on the whole platform), indicates that interest for the upcoming title is rather high.

With it being the first COD game ever to have a 4 year development cycle – and the fact that Black Ops 6 is being headed by Treyarch – fans seems to have quite high hopes for the upcoming shooter. Hopefully it delivers.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for Black Ops 6? What percentage of the views do you think were organic? Let us know down below.

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