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Overclocker pushes Gigabyte Aorus DDR5 memory to 11,136MHz

We're yet to see DDR5 modules reach 8,000MHz out of the box, but overclockers are already pushing past the 11,000MHz mark, setting a new record. This was achieved by the famous overclocker HiCookie, using a Gigabyte Aorus Tachyon motherboard and Aorus DDR5 memory modules.

The HWBOT entry (via Wccftech)  shows it pushing the Aorus DDR5 memory up to 11,136MHz with 64-127-127-127-127 timings, setting a new world record for the highest frequency achieved using DDR5 modules. The system used to set the new record was based on a Gigabyte Aorus Tachyon Z790 motherboard equipped with an Intel Core i9-13900K and Aorus DDR5 modules.

The video shared by HiCookie shows the exact test run where the overclocker achieved the new record, beating lupin_no_musume (now in second) by less than 6MHz. Third place is occupied by Kovan Yang, who sits at a much lower 10,594MHz.

This same video also shows the memory was being cooled using what seems to be a custom solution with tall, industrial-looking heatsinks, so don't expect to find any Gigabyte modules looking like this on the market.

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KitGuru says: At this pace, it won't take long before overclockers can push DDR5 modules to the promised 12,600MHz.

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