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G.Skill Trident Z Royal surpasses 6GHz speeds

We’ve regularly seen G.Skill memory breaking overclocking records over the summer months. Last year, G.Skill memory was used to set 23 new overclocking records and this year, G.Skill has become the first DDR4 memory maker to surpass 6GHz speeds. Taiwanese professional overclocker, ‘Toppc’, used G.Skill Trident Z Royal and the …

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OC record broken with MSI Z270 XPOWER mobo and 7700K at 7GHz


At this point, it is well known that Intel will be launching its next generation Kaby Lake processors this week alongside the Z270 platform and while reviews have yet to land, it looks like overclockers are already getting to grips with the new Core i7 7700K. Today, Overclocking team ‘BenchBros’ …

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Intel may offer overclocking on a budget with Core i3-7350k


Over the years, Intel has been known to limit the overclocking capabilities of its lower end processors like the Core i3 in order to push more people over to the higher-end unlocked Core i5 and Core i7 SKUs. The only standout to this recently has been the Pentium Anniversary chip …

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ASRock BIOS update disables Non-K Skylake overclocking

Earlier this week, rumours began circulating suggesting that Intel is due to release a BIOS update in order to block BCLK overclocking on locked (non-K) Skylake processors. Now, it seems like that is what is happening as ASRock is the first motherboard maker to come out with a new BIOS …

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Rumour: Intel may block overclocking on non-K Skylake CPUs

Over the last couple of months, motherboard manufacturers have managed to tweak their BIOS updates in order to enable overclocking on Intel’s non-K series Skylake chips. Obviously, this was never officially supported by Intel and now rumour has it that the chip maker may be moving to block BCLK overclocking …

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ASRock SkyOC technology enables non-K Skylake overclocking

Traditionally overclocking has been something that though enabled, wasn’t a major feature of CPUs. It was more to do with luck of the draw (or bin) but in recent years overclocking potential is something CPUs are sold with in mind. Most obviously so in the Intel Skylake generation, which locked …

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Overclocking could come to Intel’s non-K Skylake CPUs

It looks like overclocking could be possible soon on Intel’s non K-series Skylake processors. Recently, the Overclocker ‘Dhenzjhen’managed to take a Core i3-6320 and bump its base clock up to 127 MHz using a SuperMicro C7H170-M motherboard but reports are suggesting that this feature could be enabled on more motherboards …

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Sapphire Trixx unlocks AMD R9 Fury X voltage and HBM

When the AMD R9 Fury X launched this year, reviewers quickly found out that there would be limited overclocking potential due to voltage locks, as well as limitations placed on the speed the card’s high bandwidth memory (HBM) could run at. Now, it looks like things are loosening up a bit, …

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Seasonic-backed overclockers team becomes No. 1 at Hwbot

Seasonic has announced that Dancop, a professional computer tweaker from Germany, and his team Hardwareluxx.de are now ranked as the No.1 overclockers crew in the world at Hwbot, the world’s leading community of PC enthusiasts and overclockers. Dancop, whose real name is Daniel Schier, exclusively uses a high-end Seasonic power …

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Intel Core i7-6700K ‘Skylake’ hits nearly 7GHz

A professional overclocker has set a new record for Intel Core i7-6700K microprocessor frequency. This time the new code-named “Skylake” processor hit nearly 7GHz, which is among the highest frequencies ever achieved by any Intel Core i-series microprocessors. Chi-Kui Lam, a professional overclocker from Hong Kong-based HKEPC web-site, has managed …

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Intel Core i7-6700K hits 6.8GHz with all cores active on MSI ‘Titanium’ platform

A professional overclocker this week managed to push Intel Corp.’s latest Core i7-6700K “Skylake-S” microprocessor to whopping 6.80GHz without disabling any cores or Hyper-Threading technology. The record was set on MicroStar International’s flagship MSI Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium mainboard. Toppc, a professional overclocker from Taiwan, this week overclocked an engineering …

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