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New patent suggests AMD is working on an auto-overclocking tool for memory

With the DDR5 generation upon us, AMD is looking to boost its support for high-performance memory. According to newly discovered patent filings, one of the ideas AMD is testing is an auto-overclocking tool for memory, which would make obtaining faster speeds more convenient for users

AMD filed the patent (via Tom's Hardware) on February 3rd and published it on May 19th. The patent describes an app that would overclock your system's memory by testing the stability of the modules and storing the resulting overclocking profile locally. Such a tool would make the memory overclocking process much easier and accessible for users, as it would eliminate the guesswork, trial-and-error, and risk associated with it.

First, the tool would test the module to find the highest stable memory frequency. Then it would look for the most aggressive timings based on the memory frequency set in the previous test. These tests include Error Correction Code (ECC) to detect bit errors or alternative methods. Lastly, it would create a local profile based on the results of the tests. These profiles could use AMD's rumoured RAMP (Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile)/EXPO (Extended Profiles for Overclocking) technology.

The patent doesn't mention how it would adjust the voltages, so we assume the tool won't be tinkering with them. Instead, it will probably maintain the modules' SPD voltages and work with that. Anyone looking to enhance the memory profile further should still be able to do it via BIOS or other third-party solutions.

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KitGuru says: Would you use the auto-overclock tool for memory if AMD ends up rolling this out? 

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