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CTR creator working on new AMD CPU tuning tool named Project Hydra

Yuri Bubliy, also known as ‘1usmus' online, has introduced the successor to CTR. Expected to release later this month, the new tool, called Project Hydra, aims to bring better overclocking to systems equipped with a Zen 3 processor or upcoming Zen 3+ processor, if they ever release.

According to the slides shared with GamerNexus (Project Hydra subject starts at 10:11), the tool is still in version 0.1A. Moreover, it's also worth noting that there will be a PRO version, which will come with more features, early access to future updates, and additional support. Project Hydra will be exclusively for Zen 3(+) processors, leaving CTR for Zen 2 and older processors.

At first glance, the UI looks very similar to CTR with a few additions. One of those is the three new voltage curves for the undervolt, normal and OC profiles. Supporting up to 9 profiles, you can create unique profiles depending on the task you choose (gaming, AVX2 workloads, rendering, etc). Additionally, the Curve Optimizer can now be configured on a per-core basis, allowing for greater customisation. According to 1usmus, the app should never use more than 100MB of memory and 1% of the CPU.

Unlike the Ryzen Master tool, Project Hydra allows you to do voltage increments of just 1mV (vs 3mV on Ryzen Master). Project Hydra also packs multiple new security mechanisms to avoid file corruption, damage to the CPU and system and user errors. Moreover, it features new monitoring tools, an updated logging system, automatic profile shutdown in critical situations, auto-updater, automatic profile loading on Windows start-up, and a new event notification system.

KitGuru says: Back when CTR launched, many praised 1usmus for his amazing work and it is great to see that work continued with this new project. Have any of you used CTR to get the most out of your Ryzen processor? Will you be switching to Project Hydra when that comes out? 

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