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Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 MHz Black PCB Overview

Only our most eagle-eyed readers will be able to tell the difference between this latest kit of Kingston’s HyperX Beast memory and the one we reviewed back in December here. While the performance credentials of the two kits are identical, Kingston have added the option of a black PCB to …

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ADATA reveals new high speed memory and SSD at CES

The world of modern technology requires a balancing act. You must control costs, otherwise you can’t make a profit – while at the same time you need to innovate like there is no tomorrow or there won’t be a tomorrow. At CES, the world’s second largest memory module producer has …

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Mushkin debuts 480GB mSATA SSD

Mushkin Atlas

Mushkin has announced what it’s calling a “world’s first,” with its new 480GB mSATA SSD, designed to save on space while giving Ultrabooks a serious performance boost. Joining the Atlas family of mSATA drives, this new just-shy-of-500GB offering, features a SATA III interface, TRIM and S.M.A.R.T support and all the …

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Razer responds to Naga mouse DRM problems

Razer Naga

You might think that when you spend over £50 on a mouse, that you’ll be getting something a bit special. It usually gives you extra features like more buttons, higher build quality and often some impressive backend software to play with. Not in the case of Razer Naga owners, who …

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High street DDR pricing stinks say experts

The global IT market is huge. So big that no one man/woman/Guru can keep track of everything. At times like that we rely on our network of friends to give us a heads up on the grass-roots happenings that affect technologists. We’ve had a camera-pic in this morning that’s caused …

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DDR3-3000+ speeds reached in Quad Channel config

The always challenging memory overclocking segment has just witnessed another push to heights not reached previously; this time in terms of quad channel setups. Just last month we saw G.Skill and GIGABYTE reach for the stars, and by George did they ever, achieving a staggering 3736MHz on AMD’s dual channel …

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3TB memory cards – the shape of things to come ?

Journalists always get sent stuff. Every day, sometimes several times a day, you will get the bing bong from your local courier service as they drop off another package. Most of the time, it’s kit for testing. Sometimes it’s a promotional product. We were going to consign the latest 1GB …

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Corsair release Blue Vengeance DDR3 memory

Corsair have announced several new products today, and they are also updating a new family member to their Vengeance series of memory kits. Vengeance DDR3 memory is optimized for overclocking and compatibility, at an attractive price point. The original Vengeance modules, released to critical acclaim in November 2010, are equipped …

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Memory Buying Guide

Some people swear that memory is crucial to performance, while others think it’s the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ of upgrades. How much memory do you need, what speed should it run at and is it worth upgrading at all? Technologies Actual memory comes in tiny chips. These chips are mounted in …

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