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Nvidia unveils Pascal GTX Titan X a month early


By all accounts, Nvidia was expected to unveil its uber-high-end Pascal GTX Titan-X at Gamescom in August, but out of the blue it dropped last night. Nvidia came bearing images, specs and a swanky video trailer. At this point it would be weird if hardware launched without one. Nvidia terms this …

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Rumour claims Nvidia may stick with 16nm for Volta


Now that Pascal is out in the open, the rumour mill has turned its attention to Nvidia’s next currently planned architecture on the roadmap, known as Volta. According to a report, Nvidia may be planning to stick with the same 16nm process used for Pascal for its next architecture jump. …

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Nvidia officially announces the GTX 1060


Nvidia is expanding its Pascal line-up of graphics cards today with the launch of the GTX 1060, promising GTX 980-level performance with doubled power efficiency for those on a tighter budget. We have been hearing quite a bit about the GTX 1060 through rumours in recent weeks but today, Nvidia …

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The GTX 1060 rumoured to launch next week

AMD is taking the mid-range GPU market by storm with the RX 480 this week, which offers excellent performance for a $200 graphics card. However, AMD could end up with some competition quite soon as this week the first image of Nvidia’s GTX 1060 appeared online and now, reports are …

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Here are the specifications for the GTX 1070

The reviews are in and Pascal is officially here, making its début with the GTX 1080 which by all accounts, is an excellent graphics card. However, Nvidia has one other Pascal graphics card coming out fairly soon- the GTX 1070 and today, we got confirmation on some of its specifications …

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Nvidia releases Doom, Homefront ready driver

With the release of Doom this week, Nvidia has unveiled a newly optimised driver so that owners of its graphics cards can expect the best performance when running it. The new 365.19 WHQL release gives the game a nice boost, and even ups the efficiency for upcoming Homefront: The Revolution and February release, Master …

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Nvidia and Samsung have settled their patent dispute

The legal battle between Samsung and Nvidia over GPU patents appears to have come to an end as the two companies managed to reach a settlement agreement just a few hours before the final court hearing was set to proceed. This process began back in September 2014, when Nvidia filed …

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Nvidia Pascal GP104 GPU die pictured

Following on from all of the rumours pointing towards a swiftly approaching launch for Nvidia’s new Pascal graphics cards, a new image has appeared online. This time, we get to have a good look at the GP104 die, specifically, the GP104-200, which is a cut down version of then GP104-400. …

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Fresh Nvidia GTX 1080 image finds its way online

A couple of weeks back, we got out first look at what could be the new cooler design for Nvidia’s upcoming series of Pascal graphics cards. At the time, the image was of a ‘work in progress’ model but now a snap of the final product appears to have found …

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Nvidia GTX 1000 series tipped to show up at Computex

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Pascal recently, Nvidia even announced the specifications for its ‘Big Pascal’ GP100 GPU and while we have yet to see Nvidia’s upcoming GTX 1000-series cards, that could change soon as we may end up seeing the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 appear …

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AMD Radeon R9 490 and R9 490x may launch in June

The rumour mill has been spinning this week and today, it churned out some information on AMD’s next series of graphics cards. Apparently, we may see AMD launch the Radeon R9 490 and R9 490x at the end of June this year, following on from a preview at Computex, which …

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Nvidia unveils Pascal GP100 GPU specifications

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) kicked off today and the company’s opening keynote brought several announcements. Amongst all of the talk of VR and development tools, Nvidia also spoke a bit about the specifications for its GP100 graphics chip, otherwise known as ‘Big Pascal’. This could be the chip that we …

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