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Microsoft confirms recent security breach

Earlier this week, we learned that Microsoft had been hacked by the same group behind recent cyberattacks on Nvidia and Samsung, both of which resulted in significant leaks. Microsoft has now confirmed the breach, and has begun investigating the group known as LAPSUS$.  As previously confirmed, the group did manage …

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Twitch confirms it was hacked

Earlier today, we reported on a massive data breach over at Twitch. The company's source code, secret projects and even sensitive information like partner earnings were all obtained and leaked online. Now, Twitch has responded, confirming the leak.  In a statement posted this afternoon, Twitch acknowledged the leak, saying: “We …

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Gigabyte hit by ransomware attack

We've seen a rise in the number of ransomware attacks in recent years, with a number of large companies being caught out. This time, it appears that Gigabyte has been affected by a ransomware attack, which reportedly saw the hackers steal 112GB of confidential information.  The group behind the attack …

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