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Ubisoft confirms it was recently hacked

There appears to have been a rise in cyber attacks recently, with tech giants like Nvidia and Samsung both suffering massive leaks. Gaming companies aren't safe either, as Ubisoft has confirmed that it recently suffered a cyber security incident, but the publisher is still investigating the situation. 

In a statement this week, Ubisoft confirmed it “experienced a cyber security incident” last week, which caused “temporary disruption” to some game services, as well as Ubisoft's internal systems. At the moment, the company is investigating alongside “external experts” to figure out how the attack took place and whether or not any sensitive information was taken.

As far as any personal information, all user data appears to have been kept secure, so Ubisoft isn't forcing any password resets. So far, no hacking group has taken credit for the attack and no major leaks have occurred.

In fact, things have been so quiet that we may never have known an incident took place if Ubisoft didn't release its statement this week. Still, just because no major developments have occurred yet doesn't mean they won't.

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KitGuru Says: Perhaps we'll have some additional light shed on this ominous ‘cyber security incident' next week. Did you notice any issues connecting to Ubisoft services last week? 

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