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Carphone Warehouse suffers from cyber attack

The Carphone Warehouse is the latest company to be targeted by cyber criminals as a “sophisticated” hack took place on the 5th of August, putting personal details of up to 2.4 million customers at risk. In addition to that, around 90,000 Carphone Warehouse customers may have had their credit card …

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UK and US to stage hacking wargames

To live test digital defences in both the UK and the US, our national, salaried hackers are going to be going at one another in a series of online wargames, designed to mimic attacks from other nations’ digital warriors. It will involve hacks against the financial sector, as well as …

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Cybercriminals to ramp up gameover Zeus virus exploitation

The FBI and National Crime Agency have given PC users a two week warning to update their anti-virus software or at least get some as the Gameover Zeus virus is going to start allowing more cybercriminals to deploy Ransomware to steal bank account details and lock up hard drives. However, according …

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Kaspersky discover huge Cyberattack: ‘Flame’

Kaspersky Labs have uncovered a massive cyber attack codenamed the ‘Flame’, which has been operating since 2010. They say it has collected private data from countries such as Israel and Iran. Kaspersky spoke to BBC news this afternoon and they said the malware was ‘state sponsored’, but weren’t sure of …

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McAfee uncover huge cyber attack

Security firm McAfee say they have uncovered a massive cyber attack, which has hit 72 organisations. McAfee say that a single ‘state actor’ has initiated the intrusions. A Reuters report said “one security expert who has been briefed on the hacking said the evidence points to China.” The list of …

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Can MIT protect you from remote assassination?

Imagine a world where advanced electronic devices can be embedded into the human body, correcting problems and monitoring/enhancing function. Impressive stuff. But there is a dark side. A very dark side. KitGuru dreams of a jump-suited Raquel Welch while considering a modern day fantastic voyage. Roll the clock back 40 …

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