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Epic Games ‘hack’ was a scam attempt

Last week, a group of cyber criminals claimed the theft of Epic Games' data, including source code and sensitive account information. The group was after $15,000 for the data, but Epic Games was quick to state at the time that they had found ‘no evidence' of a security breach. Now, …

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John McAfee claims U.S. knows nothing about cybersecurity

John McAfee is claiming that the U.S. government is so “illiterate,” when it comes to protecting the country's digital assets, that he's unsure how it can even consider itself a world power any more. This came to light during a chat about the ex-anti-virus founder's recent offer to the FBI to …

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Security analysts sound off on government Kitemark scheme

In an effort to foster a respect for cyber security within many of the UK's largest businesses, the British government has now introduced a new Kitemark scheme, which will force any companies that want to do business with the government to meet a strict set of digital security guidelines. Understandably, …

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Huawei denies spying for the Chinese goverment

Huawei has been the centre of discussion recently, we already know that the British ISP TalkTalk use the company to maintain its filters and that both the ISP and Huawei can add or remove sites from the filter as they see fit. Recently David Cameron praised the company's filtering system in …

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