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Huawei denies spying for the Chinese goverment

Huawei has been the centre of discussion recently, we already know that the British ISP TalkTalk use the company to maintain its filters and that both the ISP and Huawei can add or remove sites from the filter as they see fit. Recently David Cameron praised the company's filtering system in China and said he'd like to set something similar up with British ISP's in a crusade on Internet porn, and lastly, we know the company is opening a £125 million research facility in the UK. While Cameron may be in favour of handing the keys to the Internet over to the company, many are not, including the US government.

Last year the US government claimed that Huawei was a threat to national security and investigated what the company was doing with all of the data it had access to. During this time the US House Intelligence committee urged all customers and businesses to find a new vendor if they cared about intellectual property or consumer privacy.


Huawei has denied spying before and now we are being reminded of that, as the company has issued a new statement letting everyone know that it is not an arm of the Chinese government nor has the government ever requested its data.

Deputy Chairman of Huawei's board, Ken Hu said:

“We can confirm that we have never received any instructions or requests from any government of their agencies to change our positions, policies, procedures, hardware, software or employment practices or anything else, other than suggestions to improve our end-to-end cyber security capability,” The statement continues: “We can confirm that we have never been asked to provide access to our technology, or provide any data or information on any citizen or organization to any government, or their agencies.”

You can read more in the cyber security white paper that the company issued here.

KitGuru Says: I don't necessarily think that Huawei is a company set out to infiltrate and spy on other countries. That said, if ISP's were to be forced into filtering the Internet I would rather each ISP either came up with it's own solution or chose a UK based company to handle the data.

Source- Cnet

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