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Can the Alien franchise be given the treatment it deserves?

Here's hoping, as Twentieth Century Fox is clearly going to go ahead and make a new game about it anyway. As Siliconera pointed out, the studio has just declared ownership of a new Alien trademark, that gives it the sole right to produce a video game or downloadable mobile software (or decorative magnet) based around the horror sci-fi franchise.

It's called, Alien: Isolation and that's about all we know at the moment. Here's the text in full from the as-always, riveting trademark filing:

“Computer game and video game software; interactive video game programs; video game discs; downloadable ring tones, graphics, computer desktop wallpaper, games and music via a global computer network and wireless devices; computer screen saver software; computer screen saver software; mousepads; decorative magnets; eye glasses; downloadable mobile software applications for mobile communication devices for use in distribution of digital video, video files, video games, and multimedia content.

We do know that The Creative Assembly is supposedly working on an Alien related game, but we have't heard anything there for a couple of years.

A very old screenshot from Creative's game s is all we know about it really. Maybe a crash test dummy is appropriate considering Gearbox's efforts?

Image source: AVPGalaxy

Whoever ends up making Isolation however, we know they can't do much worse than Aliens: Colonial marines, which despite having some of the most nerd-gasm enticing screenshots years before its release and a very fancy cinematic trailer, it turned out to a huge bust.

KitGuru Says: What would you guys like to see from a new Aliens game? I just want to see what we initially were promised with Aliens Colonial Marines, but maybe that's asking too much at this point?

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