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New Alien movie incoming from District 9 director

If the recent success of Alien: Isolation has taught us anything, it's that despite the abortive efforts of the Aliens vs Predator movies and the Promethius film, people still love the Alien franchise; but more so for its roots than its branches. Fortunately then, it looks like we might get …

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Fictional spacecraft comparison chart is now complete

If you've ever wondered which was bigger, a Gloriana-Class chapter flagship from Warhammer 40,000, or the Galactic Empire's Assertor-Class star dreadnought, or how the Decepticon Nemesis Flagship stands up to the Wayland-Yutani orbital refinery from Alien, then now's your chance, as the world's most comprehensive size comparison chart of fictional …

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Evolve has ugly local wildlife – new screenshots

Evolve is not a game about pretty butterflies and majestic antelope, blissfully feeding across the plains of Africa on our home world, Earth. No, it's about hunting down giant, alien feeding machines on strange and hostile foreign planets – with some of the ugliest wildlife in the galaxy. Fortunately for …

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