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Fictional spacecraft comparison chart is now complete

If you've ever wondered which was bigger, a Gloriana-Class chapter flagship from Warhammer 40,000, or the Galactic Empire's Assertor-Class star dreadnought, or how the Decepticon Nemesis Flagship stands up to the Wayland-Yutani orbital refinery from Alien, then now's your chance, as the world's most comprehensive size comparison chart of fictional space craft has now been ‘completed.'

Completed is in quotations, because the creator has acknowledged that there are some fictional space faring vessels that don't feature on the chart, like the Death Star for example, but as they point out, a line had to be drawn somewhere.

In this latest update, DirkLoechel added ships from Mass Effect, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Blazers, Halo, Robotech, Freespace, Dune, Transformers, Ulysses 31, StarFox, Freelancer and a lot more. It's an absolutely huge image that those of you with 4k monitors will likely appreciate more than the rest of us, but here it is:


Zooming right in, some of the monstrous ships from some universes look simply miniscule when compared to those of others. The Nostromo is barely a blip on the radar and the Command ships from Starship troopers are almost invisible. Robotinik's Egg Carrier is laughable at this scale.

While there is certainly a lot of information at the smaller ship level though, it is quite amazing to see how some of the biggest compare to one another. Eve probably takes home the title of the largest number of monstrous space craft, but Independence day has the largest in terms of length.

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KitGuru Says: Surprisingly, Red Dwarf holds its own on the chart at around 10KM long. That has to be the most sparsely populated of ships on display here. 

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