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Crytek to shutter five of its seven studios


Following news that months have gone by without many of Crytek's employees being paid at all, the long-time video game company has now announced that it is closing five of its seven studios. While Frankfurt and Kiev-based studios will remain, those in Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China and Turkey will …

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Kerbal Space Program devs have all jumped ship at once


Kerbal Space Program might be one of the biggest indie success stories of recent years, but that hasn't been able to keep developers at the studio that made it. Eight developers have announced their departure from Squad at once, leaving the company essentially gutted of all its major staff. Kerbal …

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Zynga appoints ex EA executive as CFO


With a net income of more than  $120 million in the red, Farmville creator Zynga is not in the strong financial position it once was. Perhaps because of that it's hired on a new chief financial officer (CFO). Drawing from a similar well as it has in the past, Zynga …

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Valve turned 20 yesterday: happy birthday!


In a world where game developers and publishers come and go, folding, founding, merging and being bought out by larger entities, Valve has been a real constant for the past two decades. It's given us a lot of big games and big milestones in gaming, so today we celebrate its …

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HP awarded £2.25 billion in four year Oracle trial

As is the case with every major court case between industry giants, the legal battle between Oracle and Hewlett Packard (HP) has been ongoing for more than four years at this point. However a jury has finally awarded damages, mandating that Oracle pay HP a total of $3 billion (£2.25 …

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