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Updated: Cloud Imperium denies Squadron 42 delay

Update: Despite many publications (ourselves included) publishing yesterday that the single player component of Star Citizen, Squadron 42, has been delayed, developer Cloud Imperium has denied these claims. While it wouldn't be drawn on when the campaign would be unveiled, it did say that no delay had been stated by any member of the team.

The original comment that was claimed to come straight from company founder Chris Roberts himself (via GameStar), turned out to come from the interviewer. A mis-translation of the German claimed Roberts said there was a delay, whereas apparently, the more accurate interpretation was that the interviewer simple claimed Roberts said this, rather than recording the quote directly.

This was backed up by Cloud Imperium when PC Gamer got in touch:

“It appears something may have been lost in the translation,” a spokesperson said. “Chris spoke to multiple reporters at Gamescom who asked about the status of Squadron 42. We have been feature locked for a while and things are coming along nicely. In every case he told them that we are hard at work on the game and are focused on making it great but no official launch dates were discussed.”

No more details on release date were announced, but we were told that more information would be coming in October, so we may need to wait and see how far things are along.

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Original Story: Star Citizen is a monster project, backed by more than $120 million (£90 million) of fans' crowd funds and an extremely ambitious feature set. Perhaps that's why more than two years late from its original projected release, the release of the single player campaign, known as Squadron 42, has been pushed back until next year.

When Star Citizen was pitched on Kickstarter back in 2012, it hoped to have the game finished and released by the end of 2014, despite promising a lot. However it quickly became clear that wouldn't be a date that could be honoured, as more money and features rolled in to the development pipeline.


Unfortunately for those still waiting on the full game, that's something that's happened time and again in the past few years and now it looks to have happened again, with project lead Chris Roberts, stating in a chat with GameStar (via Kotaku), that he doesn't think the single player portion will be ready until at least 2017.

Although this is a pretty official line to the core of Cloud Imperium Games, the actual official release date is still slated as 2016, so it's not clear if the developer is still trying to make that date and some inside don't feel that it can be achieved, or whether someone just hasn't updated the site yet.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8YkjRs-S8w']

We'll have to wait and see, but even as mammoth as Star Citizen is, with a lot of features that gamers are excited about, if they never get to actually play the finished article, it will certainly lose some of its lustre.

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KitGuru Says: How much money have you guys put into Star Citizen? For me, fortunately it came along around the time I swore off Kickstarters since I tended to forget I'd even backed them. I'd probably be smarting if it'd put much into this and it wasn't going to be ready until nearly five years after the campaign began.

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